Getting Started With Ethereum

I've been interested in the cryptocurrency space since I read Satoshi's white paper about 4 years ago. I was mainly an observer and hodler while being generally excited about all the amazing things the core developers were producing. I remember being at the Bitcoin Miami Conference in 2014 and watching the announcement for the pre-sale and thinking to myself, "This must be some vaporware scam". That was not uncommon at the time (Side note - incredible to see how much the industry has matured since then!). 

When I learned to program a little over two years ago I gained a new appreciation for Apple. The ease in which someone with zero coding experience or technical knowledge can get a basic app running on their phone is pretty incredible. I believe this went a long way in the incredible growth for the language for new and experienced developers alike. It's a big reason why I believe Chris Lattner when he talks about Swift's world domination plan.

To be fair, Ethereum and cryptocurrencies in general are far from Swift/Xcode levels of drag and drop simplicity. That being said, when it comes to getting your hands dirty, creating meaningful code and seeing the results quickly the Ethereum community is leading the way. In the spirit of this, I'd like to share the resources that I've come across that have been most useful for me in learning over the last month.

I'll be under the assumption that you know how to work your way around the Terminal and are familiar with how cryptocurrencies work at a high level. 

  • You need to explore the and Solidity websites first. They have great documentation with code to copy pasta and use yourself. I want to highlight the create your own cryptocurrency page in particular. Reading through that really helped me understand how Ether and gas are used to create and send custom Tokens. 
  • So you've read through all the docs and have an understanding on with how Solidity works. What next? I learn quickest by watching videos - I've watched almost all of the create your own token Youtube videos. By far the most useful one I watched was Jordan Leigh's two part video called Introduction to Ethereum Smart Contract Development With Solidity. You get a great primer on having a good workflow for developing DApps along with great random pieces of information.
  • On his Youtube page Jordan has a few videos that end up linking to a website where he created a web series that you need to pay 3 Ether to have access to the entire series. They are fairly short - between 7-15 minutes each. He flies through the content so between pausing sometimes it would take me up to 45 minutes to finish a video. It's useful content but 3 Ether seems a bit pricey for me. He also says he'll do 20 videos (10 are up) but I'm not sure what his timeline for following through with that is. Using Metamask for the first time is a cool experience as well.
  • You've started coding and compiling your Solidity contracts and having issues debugging? Etherem Stackexchange has already been invaluable for me. You should read through the most popular questions and answers too. I've been lurking there hoping there are questions that are simple enough for me to answer, but have not completed that quest yet.
  • The advanced examples on the website are incredible and mind blowing. The series from Jordan pointed me there and it's one of the best resources for advanced contract building you'll find.
  • It's important to keep up with the community and for me, Twitter is the best way. I am extremely excited for Casper to finally be released. I have curated a broad cryptocurrency list with almost 300 people primarily from bitcoin and Ethereum. If you don't want to deal with the noise (there is a lot) I recommend subscribing to my Nuzzel Newsletter or curating your own. Nuzzel is an amazing product and the newsletter shows the most shared links on a given Twitter list so you won't miss much.

These are all the tabs I have open when I'm in Ethereum mode. Feel free to reach out on Twitter.