Blockchains need to be mobile

Lack of mobile access is the biggest hinderance of adoption in the blockchain space right now. Status is a group that’s got the right idea - so many incredible ICO’s and protocols being built, but at their core they cannot serve a world that is mobile first. 

There’s a couple reasons for this -

  1. Frankly, we cannot reasonably scale to a mobile, global world (a good thing right now). Lightning network, sidechains, sharding, proof of stake.. We’ll get there.
  2. P2P transactions on these new protocols are impossible in the iOS and Android stores. The apps that offer services (Coinbase, have centralized servers that serve as a central point of failure.

As an iOS developer, I want to be able to download a library that gives me the ability to create a decentralized app using any blockchain I deem useful. I don’t want to depend on a centralized service to be the payment processor. I don’t want the responsibility of managing wallets, security, auditing, KYC etc. 

The question is, how can we enable Decentralized AirBnB, Decentralized Uber, Decentralized Tinder or Decentralized Soundcloud; By decentralizing would bring costs down for the customer or money into the pockets of the creators?

This is a problem that my friends and I have been deeply thinking about solving. We’re starting with one basic fact - Any mobile device can sign and send a transaction over HTTPS. Client security is incredibly important, but should any security leaks happen, it will be contained to the device itself.

I’ll continue writing about this as we flesh out the model a bit more deeply, but we’re excited about the possibility of enabling the ability for any mobile developer to create a decentralized application in today’s existing infrastructure.